Begleri originated as an adaptation of the Greek rosary, which evolved over time to become increasingly playable. This simple toy consists of beads secured at either end of a cord, which can be flipped around the fingers to perform tricks. Traditional begleri were cherished items, and were often made from materials such as semi-precious stones. Aroundsquare respects this history, and continues the tradition, with innovative designs, precision machined from top grade materials.

Aroundsquare has been instrumental in the development of modern begleri, through groundbreaking advances in the styles of play, innovative design work, and the development of community infrastructure to support the proliferation and evolution of this remarkable toy. Our recent work seeks to bring modern begleri back around full circle to its traditional roots as an elegant accessory and lifestyle item, promoting creativity, relaxation, and manual dexterity for players of all ages.

Our begleri are available in dozens of configurations, with designs and materials to suit players of any age, style, and budget.